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10 Recruitment Necessities for Zoom or In-Person Recruitment

Here are 10 items that are perfect for Spring Recruitment. While there are so many unknowns of what recruitment may look like, these items are perfect for either zoom or in-person! Here is a brief explanation of how you can use each, and you can shop the item through the corresponding link attached to its pink underlined title:

  1. Mini Ring Light: This is perfect for online recruitment, because it provides an extra light to brighten your face while you are on your computer.

  2. Compact LED Mirror: Whether you are participating in online or in-person sorority recruitment, this is an essential item for the quick breaks throughout the process to touch up your makeup.

  3. Mini Wet Brush: This is another item that is perfect for online or in-person recruitment, because the compact size makes it easy to store/use throughout the process.

  4. Silk Hair Ties: These are great for when you are tired of having your hair down, or you just want a new look for a new house that you are visiting. The silk provides a non-creased look when you take the hair tie out.

  5. Bobby Pins: The holy grail of sorority recruitment! Whether you need them or a friend, someone ALWAYS needs a bobby pin for their hair.

  6. Mini Hairspray: This is great for the quick bathroom breaks to freshen up your tease or slick back your pony.

  7. Mini Makeup Kit: This is a new favorite in the sorority world, because Tarte just came out with it! So many girls need to freshen up their face during recruitment, and this mini kit does just the trick!

  8. Notebook: Such a necessity during recruitment. Not only does this help you keep track of each house, but it serves as a great memory of the entire process!

  9. Headbands: A great accessory to wear to help you stand out, especially over online recruitment.

  10. Gold Hoops: Sounds like a crazy item to have during recruitment, but if an earring breaks or you forget to bring yours, these are great to have as a back up and go with everything!

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